Book Release – A Pathway to Humble Authority

I am very happy to announce the release of A Pathway to Humble Authority.
In my book, I share insights, wisdom, and practice garnered from thirty years supporting managers, leaders, and companies seeking to change, learn, and grow.

A Pathway to Humble Authority is for those who love, or would love, to make a difference in the world: teachers, managers, leaders, coaches, consultants, experts, politicians, and people in numerous other fields. The book invites its readers to refine their relationship with themselves and enhance their impact on others.Anyone who wants to make a difference in the world will do well to embody a healthy balance between humility and authority.

Humble authority benefits not only the person in authority but, even more so, those around them. They will suffer neither from needing to defend themselves from the misuse of power, nor from dealing with a stance that is weak or indecisive. The pitfalls of being either too powerful or powerless disappear when humility and authority form a generative complementarity

The book is now available on amazon or other online distributors.