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Programmes for personal and professional development.

Individual Coaching and Modelling Excellence

As a part of their personal and professional pathway, individuals can request coaching with Jan Ardui.
Typically, Jan’s individual coaching is spread over four to six sessions, focused on a mix of life and performance coaching.
Those interested in a more refined awareness of their particular excellence can also choose a shorter option. This consists of a half-day interview and another half day focused on presentation of the results of the modelling process and exploring how to apply one’s strategy of excellence more effectively.


As an internationally certified trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Jan Ardui offers training sessions at NLP Institutes and other training organizations. His seminars typically focus on patterning and modelling.

Coaching Courses

There are three levels of coaching courses delivered by Jan Ardui:

1. Basic ‘Systemic Coaching’ Course

This eighteen-day programme is for anyone who wants to integrate a highly qualitative coaching attitude in his or her own profession. Participants go through a thorough coaching training, learning the basic skills and attitudes needed to guide a successful systemic coaching process.

2. Master Coaching Classes

These programme are exclusively designed for coaches with a basic training and a significant amount of practical experience in the process of coaching. There are three types of Master Classes:

  • Developing Systemic Presence as a coach
  • Modelling the strategy of excellence of an individual or a system
  • Identifying the Organizing Principle and Generative Complementarities in coaching

The modules are accompanied by an artistic approach. Voice coaching, painting, and body movement give an extra dimension to the learning process.

3. Supervision

In coaching supervision, we work with a small group of coaches who share their coaching experiences in order to enrich their flexibility, inner freedom, and coaching strategies. Supervision aims to support the growth and development of the coach, while helping to maintain ethical and professional standards of practice.

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