Corporate activities

Interventions designed exclusively for companies and organizations

Executive Coaching & Team Coaching

Jan’s services focus mainly on individual and team coaching for top managers. The individual coaching process takes about five to six sessions that provide a time of intense reflection on the way of functioning of the individual. Tough yet supportive feedback and modelling of the individual strategy of excellence are key components of the process. A formal contract with specific outcomes orients the direction and focus of the coaching.
The team coaching process is a tailor-made pathway to support a team towards generative collaboration. Each team member is invited to be present with his or her vulnerabilities and areas of excellence. Diversity is utilized to make the interactions rich and inspiring and inevitable conflicts are transformed in collaborative forces.

Jan regularly provides these coaching processes in: Telecom Italia – Barilla – Luxottica – Electrolux – Bottega Veneta – ABN Amro.

Systemic Excellence

Since 2012, Jasper Donker Van Heel, Douglas Geddes, and Jan Ardui have joined their mutual expertise in projects specifically designed to work on the identity of a company or organization. They have created Archestasis as the vehicle for this project-based work.
Archestasis’ mission is to create the conditions for companies to get in touch with the principles and patterns that organize their deeper identity, making it easier for them to manage complexity and engage more competitive strategies.
We first identify the complementary tensions that are at once the source of the life force of the organization and highly present in how that life force is expressed.

Recognizing the complimentary tensions at the core of a company’s identity brings into relief the source of the excellence of that system, and permits a clearer and more rewarding alignment in its natural identity and abilities.


For the last twenty years, Jan has been invited to design and deliver trainings in companies. His trainings involve a highly interactive learning process in which a focus on strengthening participants’ skill level combines with reinforcing the natural and unique style of expression of each participant. The trainings therefore involve groups of a maximum of eighteen people.

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